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Example earning scenarios:

Scenario 1.

From a $69 monthly investment ➡️ Earn $200 or more monthly (Yes, literally only 
$69 – no hidden fees ever!)

Scenario 2.

From a $69 monthly investment ➕ Optional product purchase (approx. $199) ➕optional advertising investment cost (starting at $500 & up) ➡️ Earn $500 - $30,000 + every month
 Fill in the short form to receive FREE Info about how you can profit from online retail with ZERO tech experience, without building a website, not having to purchase inventory, not having to ship any orders, and not having to find buyers.

Option 1.

Once you join for just $69, if you can’t afford to pay upfront for advertising, we will front the money and do an advertising campaign for you and you pay us back once you are earning at least $150/month. That’s how confident we are in our system. We anticipate to get you 3 new sales per month for 3 months. This income will continue every month.

Option 2.

For those who want to build their business faster and have funds to dedicate to immediately growing their business, we will get a LARGER amount of “credit card in hand” buyers for you if you choose to let us advertise for you (additional cost of $500 or more).
You can also advertise on your own. You are not required to market on your own however, we encourage you to do so. Anything additional effort you put in means more money in your pocket. For example, we have a member, Cheryl, that paid $69 to join and then told someone in her network named Roger. 

Roger joined and did a $10,000 advertising campaign. Cheryl made $3,000 her second month from a $69 investment. We are not saying for sure this exact scenario will happen for you but what we are saying is if you have prayed for a perfect passive income opportunity, this may be your chance. Prayer doesn’t work without effort. If you take the first step to join and then tell people in your network, your earnings may rack up.

William Hunt joined in Nov 2021, look at his earnings. 

Once you join the team as a Member, you earn the right to resell and earn money several ways:
  • You earn 90% from product sales (remember you never have to buy inventory or ship orders… Nor do you have to hire employees or provide customer support.)
LAV’s software does all of that for you. For just $69/month!
  • Another perk of the profit share model is that you earn $20/month from every person that joins as a Partner using your ID#.
  • ​​And $10 from every person that joins under them.
Learn About LAV 
In 2016, LAV's founders started selling t-shirts out of their cars, at festivals, etc. Then they tested an online store. They made 6 figures in 45 days and never looked back. In 2018, they added the concept of discount shopping and couponing and integrated it with online retail. 

That's how LAV has evolved into what is it today. You will learn the value and belief of the owners, company culture, and their 5-10 year plan. We're pretty certain you will be impressed.
How To Get Started Today?
We'll show you how you can get started right away and be up and running in 3-4 business days. LAV's system is perfect for you no matter if you are already a business owner or have never owned any business.
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